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100% Market Value For Cash? It's An Estate Agent!

One of the latest trends in the UK’s ‘quick house sale’ industry, is companies claiming to be able to pay 100% market value for property. Some of these companies are even claiming that they will make a cash offer of up to 100% of the value, and are able to buy any property in as little as 7 days.

However, after looking further into these claims we believe that they are misleading for consumers, and after the recent investigation by the OFT (office of fair trading), it is apparent that there are 3 or 4 various scams being practiced leading to unfair treatment of homeowners in the UK.

Estate agents in disguise.

Often the companies that are promising 100% market value for cash are estate agents that are just trying to capture your details so they can market you their service. More often than not, it is merely a case that they want to put you on the open market, nothing that your current estate agent hasn’t already done.

Any company that lies to you from the start is not worth the time of day. After all, the sale of your property is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. You need to make sure you opt for a company that you can trust.

Cash offers aren’t EVER going to be market value.

There is no company on the internet that will pay you 100% market value for a true cash sale. In fact, there is no company on the internet that will pay you 100% market value!

The reason being is that they are a ‘company’ and the whole point of a company is to make a profit. If they bought every property for market value, and sold them on for market value – how could they survive? They wouldn’t be able to pay their staff or overheads never mind make a profit!

A realistic true cash offer will be in the region of 20% behind market value.

There are alternatives to sell your house for up to 100% market value but you will never get this in cash.

Your alternatives include the open market with a quick estate agency, or selling at auction and setting a reserve.

The one thing to watch for when shopping around the various cash buying companies is the wording they use to promote their services. If they ‘offer you’ 100% market value, then it is likely to be a scam or fake. If they can ‘help you achieve’ 100% market value, it’s likely they are being honest with you, and are offering a genuine service such as a fast estate agency model, which is probably backed up with a genuine cash offer service.

How Our Online Estate Agency Works ...

If you have already got a figure in your mind of what you would like to acheive for your property, and you have already shopped around on the internet for 'cash offers' which don't stack up to your ideal figure ... our online estate agency could be of assistance.

What we specialise in, is finding genuine buyers who are in a position to move quickly. This means you are more likely to get a buyer that has cash ready, or is mortgage approved ... and is highly unlikely to be in a chain.

The best way to find out how much you could acheive from our estate agency service, and our cash sale option is to enter your details in the box above. Our system will calculate an indicative offer for your property online in under 60 seconds.

Remember, our offering system is 100% FREE, we are genuine cash buyers, and you pay no fees to sell with us. Just enter your details NOW.

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The Land Register is an official UK site, and collects data on real sales in the UK. With the information provided your can check out the House Price Index, which gives a break down into sales in areas, regions and different property types. The only issue with this information is it takes on average 3 months for a property sale details to go onto it.

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What People Are Saying About Us

d. carruthers

After losing my job I was struggling to keep up repayments on my mortgage. I went to see my estate agent who recommended I put my property on the open market. After 3 months I still had no sale, and was falling deeper into debt. I decided to look on the internet at the various quick sale companies and what they could do to help me. I had heard horror stories in the past so was a bit worried. QuickerHouseSale made me feel at ease from day one. They seemed to actually care about their customers and had my best interests at heart and not just after ripping me off!

I ended up using the estate agency option as I didn't have enough equity to sell for quick cash. It took just 19 days for QHS to find me a buyer. And the buyer was serious! 5 weeks later I sold my house and got the price I wanted. If only I had dealt with QHS in the first place!

r. martin

I needed cash for my house and I wanted to sell quickly. I tried various companies on the internet, and decided to go ahead with one I had seen on the TV. This national home buying company tried to charge me for a valuation. I was at this point a bit concerned so I phoned QHS. They told me any company asking for a fee was likely to be a scam. I decided to change buyer, and QHS had a valuer out the very next day. In total it took me just 11 days from start to finish to sell my house with this company. They made an offer and they stuck with it, and paid the cash into my account. I really have nothing bad to say about QHS!

t. browning

David from QHS helped me out of a rut I was in. I was going through a messy divorce and needed a quick sale. QHS helped me and I can't thank them enough. A+++ RECOMMENDED!

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